When using your digital camera follow these pre-cautions for your safety:
Never attempt to take pictures when driving a vehicle or while walking in order to avoid any serious accident
Never attempt to open the camera casing or attempt your own repairs. Some of the internal components operate on high-voltage and they pose a hazardous risk of electrical shock on contact. It is advisable to take the digital camera to an Authorised service provider for maintenance and repair work.
Never fire the flash directly on to a person driving a vehicle. This can affect the Driver’s vision and lead to accidents.
Never fire the flash when it is too close to a person’s eyes. Intense light from the flash can cause eye damage if it is fired too close to the eyes, especially with young children. When using the flash, the camera should be atleast one meter away from the eyes of a person.
Take care to keep your camera away from water and other liquids. Moisture can damage the camera or even cause fire or electrical shock. Never use your camera outdoors in rain or snow, at the seashore or beach, in the bathroom or such wet areas unless you take sufficient protective measures.


If ever foreign objects or water get into your camera, immediately turn the power off and contact your service provider for diagnostic tests. Using the camera under these conditions creates the danger of fire and electrical shock.
If you ever notice smoke or a strange odour coming out of the camera, immediately turn the power off. Using the camera under these conditions creates the danger of fire and electrical shock. After making sure that there is no more smoke coming from the camera, take it to your nearest service provider for servicing. Never attempt your own maintenance.
If the camera’s case should ever become cracked due to dropping it or otherwise subjecting it to rough treatment, immediately turn the power off and contact your nearest service provider.
Never use the camera inside an air-craft or in any other area where its use is prohibited. Doing so may lead to accidents.
Physical damage and malfunction of your camera can cause the image data stored in its memory to be deleted. Be sure to always keep backup copies of data by transferring them to personal computer memory.
Never open the battery compartment cover, while recording images. Doing so will not only make storage of the current image impossible, it can also corrupt other image data already stored in camera memory.


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