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Milestones achieved over two decades
1987: G.Kamalesh Kumar attended the Canon Training workshop at Hong Kong for (A – series cameras) on invitation by Y.Shimogowa. The training workshop was held under the guidance of Michael Fung from June 17th to 28th.
1990: G.Kamalesh Kumar visited Canon Hong Kong for training in camera series A-1, AL-1, MC/MC-10,Sprint/Snappy S, EOS/650/620, Sureshot Joy/Ace, Sureshot Zoom XL, Sureshot Caption Zoom/Zooms, Prima Tele between February 5th and 23rd under the trainer Michael Fung, T.Yamamoto, Manager, Technical Support, Service Division was a special invitee
1992: G.Kamalesh Kumar attended Canon Hong Kong training for EOS – 10, EOS-1000,Epoca 105/135 caption, Prima Zoom 65/105 Caption, Prima 5/Twins between November 16th and November 27th. Trainer – Michael Fung and invitee T.Yamamoto, Manager, Technical support.  
1995:On 21st September Mr.Tezuka from Minolta Singapore and T.Matsuda from Hong Kong visited our service centre.
1995: Canon Regional Service Manager Mr.Shihigara visited our Service Centre.
1996: G.Kamalesh Kumar attended training for EOS 500 N and Sureshot 60. Trainer Mr.Rolland Poon.
1996: On March 7th our company was appointed as PENTAX authorised service centre. Between March 25th and 29th G.Kamalesh Kumar went for Training conducted at Mumbai by Pentax company service trainers.
1996: On 13th November our company was appointed as RICOH Authorised Service centre. On vinitation by Ricoh, G.Kamalesh Kumar attended the training session conducted at Mumbai by the training team Mr.Chui Wing Yu and his companions to work on Models: RZ-800, FF-10 S Zoom RZ-1000, R-1 and AF-80 with Jigs and Tools on the basis of Free Promotional Support from Ricoh, Hong Kong.
1997: Canon Regional Service Manager from Canon Singapore Pvt Ltd with Mr.Sasai Amma,Marketing Department Canon Japan visited our Service Centre.
1997: Nikon Singapore Pvt Ltd Regional Serice Manager Mr.Hajima Niijima visited our Service Centre
1998: Mr.Satoshi Yagi, Nikon Managing Director and Mr.Hajima Niijima visited our service centre.
1998: G.Kamalesh Kumar attended the training at Canon Singapore Prviate Ltd for EOS 300 and Canon Prima 115 zoom.
1998: G.Kamalesh Kumar attended the training programme at Nikon Singapore Pvt Ltd for Nikon FM2,F3, F90X, F-50, Nikon TW-35-70 zoom, Nikon Zoom 500 provided by Mr.Ishikawa.
1998: G.Kamalesh Kumar went for a training at Mumbai, India from May 13th to 16th on invitation by Ms.S.J.Mehta of Allied Photographics India Ltd to work on Pentax Models: ESPIO 738(similar to Zoom 105 R) PC-50, ESPIO series, 115, K-1000,MZ series MZ-5, 10, 50 etc.
1999: Mr.Ishikowa trainer from Nikon Singapore P ltd provided the technical training at our service centre alongwith the Regional Manager Mr.Hajimi Niijima.
2000: Mr.Ishikawa Service Engineer,Nikon Corporation, provided the technical training at our Service Centre
2001: During the month of April we participated in the Service Managers’ Seminar for All India Authorised Service Facilities conducted by Canon Singapore Pte Ltd at Singaore in which G.Kamalesh Kumar participated.
2002: February 12, Nikon Company officially authorised us as their Authorised Facility Centre for South India at an Inaugural function held at Chennai Hotel Quality Inn. Inaugurated by Mr.Satoshi agi,Managing Director and Mr.Niijima,Regional Service Manager.The entire Press people and leading photographers were attended. Mr.P.C.Sriram, leading Film director, Cinematographer also attended and praised Nikon Corporation for opening an authorised service centre at Chennai.
2002:G.Kamalesh Kumar was invited by Canon Singapore Pvt Ltd for attending the technical training for Canon DVD camcorders given by Mr.Roland Poon, the regional service Manager. Immediately after training Canon Corporation authorised our Service Centre as the only service centre in India for Canon Video& DVD Camcorders.
2002: G.KamaleshKumar & Mr.G.Dhanasekhar attended the technical training for Nikon F-80 & other products held at New Delhi, service provided by Mr.Hiroaki Ito,Regional Service Manager,Singapore.
2003: G.Kamalesh Kumar & Mr.G.Dhanasekhar attended the technical training for FUJIFILM – Jindals Photo films Ltd at New Delhi. Training provided by Mr.Shuji Mori,Regional Service Manager, FUJI Singapore.
2003: G.Kamalesh Kumar attended the training programme at Minolta Singapore Pvt Ltd at Singapore for Minolta products. Technical training provided by Mr.Sir Le.
2003: Our CameraService centre was officially authorised by Mr.Andy Lim, Regional Service Manager,Minolta Singapore Pvt Ltd for their products.
2003: G.Kamalesh Kumar , Camera Service Centre attended the Service Managers’ Seminar for All India Authorized Service Facilities at Canon Singapore Pte Ltd in the month of March, where the theme for the seminar was “Digital Camera Technology”.
In this connection,G.Kamalesh Kumar underwent special training in computerized repairing procedures for Digital cameras.
2004: G.Kamalesh Kumar & Mr.G.Dhanasekhar were invited by Fujifilm – Jindals Photo films Ltd New Delhi for a Technical training at New Delhi. And immediately after, our Camera Service Centre was appointed as their Authorised Service Agent at Chennai.
2004: G.Kamalesh Kumar was invited by Konica-Minolta at Singapore for a special on-hand training Programme for Digital Cameras.
2005: Mr.ANDY LIM of Konica-Minolta Singapore appointed us as official Service Centre for Konica-Minolta products.
2005: Canon India Private Limited (CIPL) conducted for the first time a one-day seminar at Gurgaon, near Delhi,for the representatives of Authorised Service Centres in India. Main focus at this seminar was on Canon range of Digital cameras. Also Mr.G.Kamalesh Kumar participated in this meeting.
2006: Mr.Tetsuro Nakagawa Regional Service Manager, Nikon Corporation visited our service centre.
2007: Nikon India was established in India at Gurgaon as Nikon IndiaPvt Ltd. And Camera Service Centre also authorized by Nikon India as their service franchise..

2008: Camera Service Centre was Authorised by Kodak India.Mr.ABDUL MALIK, National Service Manager inaugurated in a small function as their service franchise at Chennai.
2009 : Nikon India also opened Exclusive authorized service centre inChennai and  was inaugurated  by Mr. Hideko Takeshina, Nikon India, at 18 F, 1st Floor, ‘Prince Tower’, opp to Abirami Theatre, Kellys, Chennai – 10
Nikon India also opened an Exclusive service facility at Cochin(Kerala) No:37/1343-J,2nd Floor,Kumaranasan Junction, Kaloor Kadavanthra Road, Kochi 682017 under the leadership of Mr.G.Kamalesh Kumar.
2010 : Camera Service Centre also had been Authorised by Casio India for Casio digital cameras at Chennai as well as at Cochin.( Kerala)